SKYNET 360 Proud Sponsor South Dade Food and Country Festival

SKYNET 360 is a proud sponsor of Florida Rock Stars – South Dade Food and Country Festival – providing you with a complete communications solution to custom fit your needs.


Residential:  SKYNET360 understands the unique needs of todays modern family. From your family’s basic needs like websurfing and e-mail for work and school, to the more complex demands like Video Streaming, Social Media and Music Downloads, SKYNET360 services can provide a connection for everything!

Business: SKYNET360′s versatility is unsurpassed. Our ability to meet the demands of all companies, from small local businesses to nation-wide conglomerates, makes us the perfect choice to meet the needs of any business. We are committed to providing your company with a complete solution to custom fit your needs.

Technology: Unlike many of our competitors SKYNET360 does not use an underground method of distribution to provide service to your home or business. Instead we use high frequency radio waves.

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