About Florida Rock Stars


Florida Rock Stars is dedicated to preserving rock and roll and rockin’ country music and culture in South Florida. Our mission is to bring back rock! ¬†We are also big believers in raising awareness and money for charity organizations in South Florida. To deliver on our dual missions, we created the Food and Rock Festival concert series and this website. ¬†Let the Rock Stars Nation rise.

No knock on other music, but they just don’t make ’em like they used to. We like songs with guitars in them. Yea, there – we said it. Bring back Rock!

Florida Rock Stars is a marketing and promotion company focused on local bands and fans, local music venues and local businesses.  We very effective in what we do and accomplish this by providing unique marketing opportunities via our highly successful Florida Rock Stars-branded food and music festivals and other special events.  Building the Rock Stars Nation will take some time but its coming just the same.  ROCK ON!

If you like our cause and want to connect to¬†good music and good times, we invite you to become a fellow Rock Star. ¬†Hey – that’s good business.