Charity Partnerships

Florida Rock Stars is proud of its achievement in partnering up with various South Florida charity organizations in creating awareness and raising money for great causes. In particular, Florida Rock Stars has teamed up with Parker-Haar Charities in Palmetto Bay for the past three events! Parker-Haar Charities is all about DIRECT and LOCAL HELP for families in financial need. What Becky Parker and Kim Haar do is amazing stuff – spread the word and support the cause! To find out more about our favorite charity and what they do, visit or call 305.321.5171.

As of January 1, 2015, Florida Rock Stars has raised over $30,000 in funding for the following organizations:

1. PATCHES PPC – Homestead, FL – this support organization helps take care of sick children of people who can’t afford proper health care or day care for their children.  2012 South Dade Food and Rock Festival partner and 2014 Palmetto Bay Food and Rock Festival partner.

2. My Animals Rock – Miami, FL – this organization is dedicated to supporting animal shelters and animal placement services.  2012 South Dade Food and Country Festival partner.

3. Thinking of You Services Inc. – Miami, FL – this support organization sends care packages to our troops overseas.  2012 Palmetto Bay Food and Music Festival partner.

4. Autism Resource Center – Homestead, FL – this new organization is focused on supporting and funding autistic children activities in Homestead.  2013 South Dade Food and Rock Festival partner.

5. American Way Foundation – Homestead, FL – this organization is focused on providing unique support services for underserved communities in South Florida, particularly Information Technology solutions.  2013 Palmetto Bay Food and Rock Festival partner.

6. Parker Haar Charity– Palmetto Bay, FL –  2014 Palmetto Bay Food and Rock Festival partner. Florida Rock Stars helped raised over $11,200 for the charity through the event   The money was used to help pay medical expenses for Jessica Hughes Fundraiser – Palmetto Bay, FL.

Feels good.