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The Blue Fire Band

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

RANDI FISHENFELD – Violinist | More Information

RANDI FISHENFELD, violinist for The Bluefire Band, has been described as a “Tornado”on the violin who can bow life into the dead.”…
RICHIE VELASQUEZ – Bassist / Vocalist | More Information

RICHIE VELASQUEZ, bassist / vocalist for The Bluefire Band, has been playing bass in Florida and around the world for almost 35 years. …
NICK CUCUNATO – Guitarist / Vocalist | More Information

NICK CUCUNATO – Guitarist / Vocalist for The Bluefire Band, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and has been involved in music as long as he can remember. …
MICHAEL WAXMAN – Keyboards / Vocalist | More Information

MICHAEL WAXMAN was born in Yonkers, New York and his family relocated to Florida when he was 12. Soon thereafter he was jamming with garage bands in the Fort Lauderdale area developing his keyboard and vocal skills….
MATT CALDERIN – Drummer / Vocalist | More Information

MATT CALDERIN, extraordinary drummer for THE BLUE FIRE BAND, is the only native Floridian in the band and has proud Cuban roots. He grew up immersed in music at a very young age listening to many of his older guitar playing brother Eddie Calderin’s bands….

THE BLUE FIRE BAND began playing together as a band in 1998 as back-up to one of south Florida’s favorite performers—Pamela Stanley.

Quickly the combination of musicians became one of the tightest, most entertaining units around and the group was kept very busy with a high demand for bookings. Pamela Stanley decided in early ‘99 to pursue more interests , and at that time the band was approached by the entertainment directors of some of the venues they had worked in as well as local concert promoters.

Having strong vocal abilities, an incredible chemistry as a unit, as well as many other ingredients necessary to go on their own, the group stayed together and what started as a back-up band has grown to be one of the strongest acts on the scene.
The one comment most heard when people talk about THE BLUE FIRE BAND is “The chemistry is amazing and the energy is incredible”

The Blue Fire Band – 2000 Arts & Entertainment Best Female Violinist Randi Fishenfeld

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