The Crude Brood

The Crude Brood – Hard Rock band from South Florida.

“In a FEMA CAMP / they’ll bury your bones / better get ready / ATTACK of the DRONES!”

Those are some of the haunting lyrics to The Crude Brood’s “Attack of the Drones.” The Crude Brood is a hard-rock band from South Florida that sound like a conglomeration of AC/DC, Cheap Trick, and Ramones. Lyrically their songs tackle taboo subjects such as: UFO’s, Zombies, Conspiracies, and sex backed-up by heavy riffs and contagious choruses. Their song “Insatiable” is an ode to one of the band’s all-time favorite porn stars, Marilyn Chambers. The lyrics state, “this is the best Caballero release, satisfies those teenage fantasies” and warns Marilyn to “watch out for that bad boy, Johnny Wadd.” Musically inspired by the guitarist’s rock and roll heroes, AC/DC, “Insatiable” is as catchy as it is dirty and sleazy.

The Crude Brood can be found on facebook and will be releasing their first album in late October 2013. They are definitely worth checking out if you are into hard rock/punk/metal music. Be sure to check out one of their energetic live shows with the band’s “Melancholy Mothersof Madness” — performers who dance, wear halloween masks, and sing; it really is quite a spectacle. And don’t worry, you won’t hear any ballads because the band said they refuse to play anything slow or that doesn’t boogie. Instead the audience is treated to stuff like, “Give me your hand tonight / Let loose this parasite / We’ll regurgitate a fantasy.” (The Crude Brood’s “Day of the Dead” song). These guys reek of sleazy, conspiratorial, Rock N’ Roll, and appear to be fighting a war with words and riffs. “Don’t you fight, when I bite / Take it off baby, tonight’s the night” the singer warns — making it clear that The Crude Brood are not a band that take NO for an answer.

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